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インフィニティ10月の新商品 October NEWS




インフィニティ世界の裏社会を舞台にした,ウハフとコノリーの冒険を描くコミック「アフターマス」が発売されます.この限定版には,Infinity Aftermath のキャラクターの1人,Ksenia Lavochkina が含まれます.

プレオーダー割引きは10 / 07まで.お早めにお求めください.

Products for the new rule "Reinforcement" will be launched.

A great value set of existing units for ``If you are unsure about forming reinforcements'' and a set of attractive new modeling units.

In addition, Haqqislam expansion packs for N4 will be released with new modeling.

Please try a new organization with a new model.

The comic ``AFTERMATH'', which depicts the adventures of Uhahu and Connolly, is set in the underworld of the Infinity universe will be released. This limited edition includes an exclusive figure of Ksenia Lavochkina, one of the characters of Infinity Aftermath.

Pre-order discount available until 10/07. Don't miss it.



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