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Impetuous Order お取り扱いタイトル拡充のお知らせ We will start handling more than 10 new titles.







This year, we were able to meet many players and the community through local gaming events, pop-up events, and miniature game flea markets.

Under these circumstances, I felt that many attractive games were hidden behind the scenes due to poor availability and low awareness.

Therefore, we have decided to significantly expand the number of titles we handle from 2024.

In preparation for this, we are holding a sale until the end of December 2023. If the shop list has not been posted in time, we will upload the price list PDF to the site, so please apply by email. Items you apply for will be posted on the shop site immediately.

We will also be planning events like the Miniature Flea Market in 2024, creating opportunities for people to experience new games and popularize their favorite games, and to help develop miniature games communities.

We look forward to your continued patronage.



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