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The fate of men is decided in the stars. Since the Rent in the Sky has opened though, the stars are often harder to see, and even harder to predict. And there's always the trouble that what may look like a celestial body is actually the leering eyes of a creature from beyond the pale.

There's no better way to tempt the fates than with our custom Carnevale dice!

Dice rolls in Carnevale use multiple ten-sided dice, often looking for an Ace on a 7+. When you roll, there's always one different coloured dice: the Destiny Dice. This dice determines whether your action will critically perform or fumble! There are dozens of actions in Carnevale, each with four different results depending on your dice roll, providing an immersive narrative experience.

This pack contains 12 ten-sided dice; 10 in black, and 2 Destiny dice in white. Each number is delicately etched on, with the Carnevale lion taking the place of the 10. Not only that, but the 7, 8, 9 and lion are filled in a complementary colour, making spotting Aces easier than ever!

Carnevale: Carnevale Dice (12)

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