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Deadzone 3rd Edition Starter Set contains:

Rulebooks – Core Rulebook and Force Lists Book (softback)
Starter leaflet
10x GCPS Troopers
1x GCPS Hero
10x Veer-Myn Nightcrawlers
2x Veer-Myn Nightmares
1x Veer-Myn Hero
12 bags of Battlezones scenery, including the all-new Battlezones Street Accessories
Paper Gaming Mat
Counter sheet
8x Command Dice
8x D8


Deadzone uses an innovative cube-based system for movement and shooting. Throw your tape measures in the garbage because you’re never going to need them again! Apart from DIY, of course. Models can be moved anywhere in a cube, which ensures you can make the best use of cover and obstacles to avoid the enemy, and movement takes seconds, rather than minutes. Shooting is just the same – measure the distance in cubes and, if you can see it, you can shoot it! Wargaming has never been this fast or cinematic.


We’ve split the rules across two books that are packed with art, pictures and more. The core rulebook contains all the rules you need to start playing, along with campaign rules and 16(!) scenarios. Meanwhile, the Force List book contains the individual profiles and stats for each faction, along with details of how to build your Strike Teams and a handy weapons guide… after all, you don’t want to take a knife to a Polaris Cannon fight.

Deadzone 3.0: Two Player Starter Set

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