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This fantastic starter set introduces players to the malevolent and capricious Twilight Kin, and the twisted Abyssal cousins of the dwarfs. With 84 Mantic miniatures, a starter guide and all the rules needed to play, this is a great place for players to begin their Kings of War journey in the fantasy world of Pannithor.

1x KoW Softback Rulebook (2022), 1x The Raging Void Starter Guide (A5), 4x Abyssal Dwarf Infantry Sprue, 1x PVC Lesser Obsidian Golems, 1x Resin Overmaster, 4x Corsiars Sprue, 4x Voidtouched Sprue, 1x Impalers Sprue, 1x Mounted Summoner Crone, 4x 100x80mm MDF Base, 1x 150x50mm MDF Base, 1x 120x40mm MDF Base, 1x MDF Cavalry Base, 0.1x 20mm Square Base Sprue"

Kings of War 3rd Edition: The Raging Void - Twilight Kin vs Abyssal Dwarfs 2-pla

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