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Armies: Combined Army / Onyx Contact Force / Morat Aggresion Forces / Shasvastii Expeditionary Forces


Umbra Legate with DA CCW x 1

Nexus Operative Hacker x 1

Ko Dali with MULTI Rifle x 1




Exrah Commissariatは,既知の星系のほとんどに分散した無数の船から展開できる迅速支援チーム.しかしこの種族があまりに略奪的であるため,コンバインドアーミー内の最も信頼できる部隊により監視されている.


The ideal complement for your Combined Army reinforcement units.


The Exrah Commissariat provides rapid support teams that it can deploy out of any of the countless ships it has scattered throughout most of the known systems. However, due the reputation of this predatory species, they’re commonly watched by some of the Combined Army’s most dependable troops.

Reinforcements: Combined Army Pack Beta

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