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Lenore comes splashing into the ring with the elegance of the waves themselves. A solid stat line with expertise in grappling. Her signature grapple the Singing Snap DDT, will daze the toughest of wrestlers.

Leaping from the top rope, Lenore will barge through any wrestler, 2 Gold +1 means it's gonna be scoring those all important beatdowns and Shove 4 will fling wrestlers across the ring.

Lenore's power of the sea is unequal. The Atlantean Tailsweep has her whipping her fin and any caught in the sweep must stand their ground or be knocked to the canvas. The Crowds favourite is the Wavemaker, producing a a huge wave in the middle of the ring and repositioning all wrestlers gets the crowd going wild.

Contains 1 resin multi-part miniature with square acrylic base.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Note that clear acrylic bases have a peelable protective film. Miniatures supplied with square bases.

Rumbleslam: Lenore

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