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Armies: Yu Jing / Invincible Army / Dahshat Company


Zúyong Invincible with HMG x 1

Tai Sheng, ZúyŏngInvincible NCO with Combi Breaker Rifle x 1

Krit Kokram, Zúyŏng Invincible Specialist with Heavy Pistol x 1

TinBot x 1


Invincible Armyのファイアチームにさらなる多用途性とパワーを提供するパック.


Yu Jing の領土全体に広がる彼らは,人類圏最大の重歩兵軍団として帝国軍の中核となっている.匿名の英雄として作られた彼らは,それぞれがすべてのユージン国民を代表している.そして運命の時が来れば,皇帝の墓を守る兵馬俑のようにひるむことなくしっかりと立ち,限りない勇気と鉄の意志で帝国を栄光に導く.


The pack that will provide greater versatility and power to the Fireteams of your Invincible Army.


Spread throughout Yu Jing territory, they have become the core of the StateEmpire Army as the largest Heavy Infantry corps in the Human Sphere. Forged as anonymous heroes, each one of them represents every Yu Jing citizen. And, when the fateful time comes, they will be standing firm, unflinching like the terracotta armies of the emperor’s tomb,but utterly prepared to carry the StateEmpire to glory with endless courage and an iron will.

Zúyong Invincibles

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