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Haqqislam/ Hassassin Bahram

ALEPH/ Steel Phalanx 


  • 1x SUNDUQBUT (AP Spitfire)
  • 1x SHUJAE (Submachine Gun)
  • 1x MUYIB (Spitfire)
  • 1x MYRMIDON (Spitfire)
  • 1x MAKHE (Breaker Combi Rifle)
  • 1x EUDOROS (Mk12)

The secrets kept at Darpan Xen-station could be a benefit or a hazard to all mankind, and ALEPH protects them very well, but Haqqislam must know what they really are, no matter how high the cost. 

This expansion set extends the Haqqislam and ALEPH army lists of the Operation: Blackwind Battle Pack (Ref: OPBW).  

Beyond Operation Blackwind

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