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Q: 商品の送付先は、日本語で入力してよいですか?

A: 商品をご注文の際に入力いただく「Shipping Details」では、「First Name(名)」「Last Name(姓)」「Address」「City」は日本語でOKです。その他は半角英語でご入力ください。

Q: How often do you order new stock?

A: Typically once a month, though this depends on sales. The minimum order is 400 Euros, which is about 50,000 JPY

Q: When do orders get sent to customers?

A:Unless otherwise stated your order will be shipped out once all items are 

 received. If your order contains "Pre-order" items these are shipped from Corvus Belli at the end our that months Pre-order. For example: "Pre-order June" item will be sent to us at the end of June and we will send them on to you ASAP.

Q: When does new stock become available?

A: As we order directly from Corvus Belli, our resupply gets shipped out at the end of the month if they include any of the monthly preorder items. If they are no preorders then the processing time at Corvus Belli is about 1-2 weeks.


Q: Why are so many items listed as preorder?

A: These are items that are not held on hand, but can be order in after you submit your order.


Q: How do I know what is available right now?

A: Anything not listed as "preorder" is available right now.



Q: Do you support other games?

A: Right now we only support Infinity the Game and Artistea!



Q: How often do you host events?

A: Locally we host one event a month at Miniature Forest in Kashiwa, and Annual tournament for Infinity the game in January. We a considering running another Tournament later in the year and also running Aristea! Events

Q: Who is welcome at your events?

A: All are welcome

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