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About Us

About Us

What is Impetuous Order?

Impetuous Order(インペチュアス・オーダー)は、Infinityの製造者からの最新情報をお届けし、みなさんが求めるミニチュアを見つけるためのウェブサイトです。お求め安い価格を実現させるために輸入をサポートしたり、インフィニティのオフィシャルイベントを含む様々なイベントをローカルで開催することを通して、日本におけるInfinityの普及を実現することを夢見ています。


Impetuous Order is a website that connects you to the updated releases and information from the manufacturer of Infinity the Game and provides the way to find Infinity miniatures. Our goal is to fully support the growth of Infinity the Game here in Japan, we do so by providing an affordable place to order miniatures from and also running and support the events including ITS  (Infinity’s official tournament system) here in Japan.

Why order? 

日本にいるプレイヤーの要求にお応えできるよう、インペチュアス・オーダーはオンデマンド注文システムの構築を目指しています。海外のショップに負けないリテール価格を提供するためには、みなさんのサポートが必要です。Impetuous Order をより多くの方々に利用いただくことで、私たちはストックをより充実してまいります。日本にいるプレイヤーがリアルタイムでアイテムを手に入れたいと思ったときに、手ごろな値段ですぐに買うことができる環境を作ることが必要と私たちは考え、同時に、私たちはこのコミュニティの成長をサポートします。

Impetuous Order’s goal is to complete an on-demand order system until we can provide stock in Japan readily available for the local purchases. To achieve this, we rely on you ordering with us, so we can import the product and sell to you at competitive retail prices, enabling us to expand our stock in Japan. We strongly hope to be able to offer an extensive line of products READY for the players living in Japan to have in their hands when they want! While doing so, Impetuous Order will support the community and help it grow.






Hello! My name is Mathew Owens, but Matt is fine. I’m from Wales and came to Japan in December 2016 to be with my wonderful wife. At first I thought there was nowhere to play a game I fell in love with since the first time I played it Infinity the Game *link*. And then I found a group and got back into the hobby, but while doing so I discovered there was no dedicated support for the game here in Tokyo, only 2 places stocked it, one was grossly overpriced, the other didn’t interact with the community.

After a while I felt this had to change and I began enacting a plan to change this, gathering information working with the Infinity community which has brought us to the place we are at today.

As a quite a few world-wide famous people including business leaders have played the table-top games, I also believe it is a great way, while having fun, to naturally build skills such as communication, critical thinking, and risk-taking, etc. I hope to create a community where all participants are welcome, regardless of their nationality or profession. For a Japanese participant, this is a great way of learning English for FREE. Let’s enjoy our game together!


Meet the Team
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