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Betrayal smacks of character and Infinity Style

It has been a while since Corvus Belli's first manga was released and it is something that fans have been crying out for. While Outrage, the first manga they published, was well received and followed the ex-PanOceanian sniper Knauf and PanOceanian special forces Emily Handelman and her team, Betrayal follows Adil Mehmut a Yu Jing Crane rank officer from the Imperial Service as he returns to Paradise to interrogate the prisoner and for Yu Jing hero Ko Dali.

The manga is written by Victor Santos who returns from Outrage and artwork is by Agustine Graham Nakamura who replaces Kenny Ruiz as the artist. There is a definite improvement in terms of writing from Outrage to Betrayal. Nakamura’s Style is much more clear cut than that of Ruiz which suit the more military style of the store and the perspective it is shown from.

Betrayal gives us some history and character development both to Ko Dali and Adil Mehmut fleshing him out into a character who I also want to try and field on the battlefield a little more. The story gripped me and I was able to go through it pretty quickly with out putting it down. There are however times where I felt like that was some text or a panel missing as the conversations didn’t feel too natural and were a little jarring and I had to do a double-take.

The presentation is great, the cover art is fantastic and though I offer little to tell you about the story itself it is enough to pique your interest and draw you straight in. The Ko Dali miniature is fantastic and the usual great quality and the perfect addition to another Combine Army players collection.

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone with an interest in Infinity or with a great appreciation for nice storytelling and great clean artwork.





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