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イージス局の刑務所は、法の裏ををかいくぐった結果逮捕された、並外れたスキルを持つ人々で溢れています。この事実を認識し、SWORDFOR司令は、法律専門家であるStatera部門の事前承認を得て、とある実験計画(BETA PROGRAM)を開発しました。それは、受刑者の中から特定のスキルを満たす者を、減刑と引き換えに徴用する試みでした。




Bureau Aegis prisons are full of people of exceptional skill who, for one reason or another, ended up on the wrong side of the law and were eventually caught. Aware of this fact, the SWORDFOR command, with the prior authorization of the legal experts of Section Statera, developed the so-called Beta Program, an initiative to study cases and convictions accompanied by a process of recruitment and investigation of inmates taken from all of the Bureau’s correctional facilities who meet a specific profile.


The perfect box to give a versatile Fireteam to your Starmada Army Pack

Betatroopers, Remote Activity Unit Beta

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