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Armies: Combined Army / Morat Aggression Forces


我らメタルに包まれた混沌.我ら全てを尽くし,徹底的にやり尽くし,息もつかせない. 我らブルトラック.我らモラットのつわもの.我らは敵の最後の運命.我らは貴様の死,ああ,いい気分だ.

We are chaos wrapped in metal. We go all out, we go all the way, with no time to catch our breath. We are Bultrak. We are Morat soldiers. We are the doom of the Supremacy’s foes. We shall be your death, and it feels good to be so.

This box includes one injected thermoplastic miniature: a devastating Bultrak TAG. With this box you can provide heavy support to your Army List and continue the Morat collection you started with the Morat Aggression Forces Army Pack (Ref. 281616-0934).

Bultrak Mobile Armored Regiment

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