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The eldritch energies swarming Venice owe their existence to the Rent in the Sky. While these swirling winds are chaotic in nature, they can be called forth into reality, forming several different styles. With the right incantation you can move the earth itself, transport yourself into an alternate reality, or even absorb the life force of your foes!

This deck of cards depicts the five different disciplines of magic. The pack contains 36 cards, each with a magic spell on for quick reference and ease of play, along with a cover card detailing their use.

With lavish artwork and easy to read rules, this deck is the ideal purchase for anyone looking to use magic in their games of Carnevale. Made from high quality playing card material, these cards are oversized at 100mm x 60mm, and stylised after a deck of tarot cards.

Carnevale: Magic Cards

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