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The Rent in the Sky glows with the full spectrum of light. While it waxes it could shine a bright golden, and when it wanes it might be a thin silvery sliver. At some nights it will be a sickly green in Dorsoduro, while being a brilliant pink at the very same time when viewed from the Arsenale. It's an ever-changing vision from the heavens.

The Art of Carnevale is a beautiful 128 page softback book that showcases hundreds of pieces of art by over a dozen different artists. Each artist is given space to show their work, offering readers an unparalleled view of how Carnevale is manifested in the minds of many different people.

It includes full page artwork with incredible detail, and dozens upon dozens of concept sketches, giving the reader a never-before-seen view of the development of the game, and even some sketches that might hint at the future of the game (if you look carefully!).

The artwork is accompanied by commentary from the project lead Lewis Clarke, giving a behind the scenes look into the design process and decisions along the way.

If you're a fan of Carnevale, this book is a must-have exploration of the visuals that make up the world.

Carnevale: The Art of Carnevale Book

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