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Deployment of a Spectra is an extreme measure for any Asterian Clade. These bio-mechanical constructs are similar to Cyphers, but their size and power output is dangerous for the Asterian remotely piloting them. The strain on the pilot’s brain is intense and any sensation is dramatically enhanced –including damage to the construct itself. Physical destruction of the mech is almost certain to result in the pilot’s death, as their mind is overwhelmed by the powerful feedback. To avoid this the Clades are careful to ensure that each Spectra is equipped with the latest stealth and energy shield technology. Each Clade will only deploy them in swift, surgical strikes when the need is dire. However, even with the inherent risks, more and more of these warmachines have been sighted on battlefield with each passing cycle, as if the Asterians are becoming more desperate to maintain the galaxy’s fragile balance.

Contents: 1 Resin Spectra, with translucent shield, base

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Deadzone: Asterian Spectra

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