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Armies: Haqqislam / Hassassin Bahram / ALEPH / Steel Phalanx


Hassassin Husam Yasbir, an almost legendary character in the Hassassin Society x 1

Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes of the Steel Phalanx x 1

Galactic Hitchhiker that can be used as an HVT x 1

オペレーション: ブラックウィンドから始めたアーミーへの素晴らしい追加になります.


銀河ヒッチハイカーは,船を乗り継いで密航し,人類圏を無料で旅することを好む. 捕まれば問題だが,見てはいけないものを見てしまったときはもっと深刻な問題が始まる.それがナキア・ウスマンに起こったことであり,現在スフィアの優秀なエージェントの何人かによって追われている.ヒッチハイカーのモットーに従うのは困難,パニック陥らずにいられない状況だ.


A fantastic addition to those armies started with Operation: Blackwind.


The Galactic Hitchhikers like to travel all around the Human Sphere for free, even if that means they sometimes stow away on a ship or two. If they get caught they can get into trouble, but the real trouble starts when they see something they shouldn't have seen, which is what happened to Nakia Usman, now pursued by some of the Sphere's best agents. A situation in which it is not easy to follow the hitchhikers' motto and not panic.

Dire Foes Mission Pack 13: Blindspot

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