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Armies: Haqqislam / Qapu Khalqi / Druze Bayram Security / Ikari Company


Druze with HMG x 1

Druze with Chain Colt x 1

Druze Hacker x 1

Jethro with MULTI Sniper Rifle x 1

Security Chief Arslan with MULTI Rifle and Light Shotgun x 1


The perfect box for Haqqislamite players and a great way to create a Fireteam of Druze for your Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Army or Druze Bayram Security force.

The Druze Shock Teams are paramilitary assault units with a wild and bloody reputation, equipped with sophisticated military gear. Created by the Druze Society, they are a mercenary force often seen in the Haqqislamite Qapu Khalqi’s service—or in that of the highest bidder

Druze Shock Teams

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