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このボックスには、用途に合わせて異なる武器または機器を備えた2つのプラスチックミニチュアが入っています。O-12軍またはStarmada軍 に多様性を追加するのに最適です.


Just like the Copperbots, their name comes from urban slang for the police, in this case “the fuzz,” which refers to the police radio static, a word that was chosen due to the electronic warfare and cybercombat devices these Remotes pack. Fuzzbots are a common element in any SWORDFOR deployment, the inseparable partner of every Bureau Aegis patrol officer.

This box includes two injected thermoplastic miniatures: two Fuzzbots with different weaponry or equipment to suit your needs. The best way to add versatility to your O-12 Army or your Starmada force 


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