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The Human Sphere is always unpredictable, and when greed and vengeance drove young hacker Uhahu and Caledonian fighter Denma Connolly to rig a game of Aristeia! and runaway with the proceeds, little did they know that they would end up embroiled in an international conspiracy.


From the glitz and the arenas of the kleptocratic mothership Tunguska to the seedy modules of Bakunin, these unlikely heroes must outrun the Nomad Nation’s security forces, the Tunguskan crime syndicate Struktura, and a hidden power that is pulling strings from the shadows.


This is the decisive time for our characters, in a story that could upend the status quo of the Infinity Universe!


Have you read through the Infinity background books and still want to know more? Don’t worry, this year you will be able to quench your thirst for knowledge thanks to Infinity Aftermath. The new Infinity graphic novel will teach you more about the Human Sphere and the Infinity Universe.

Infinity Aftermath (EN) Graphic novel

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