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Armies: O-12 / Torchlight Brigade


Strider with Submachine Gun x 1

Nimrod with AP Marksman Rifle x 1

Yellowjacket with Submachine Gun x 1

Silverstar Rover Paramedic with Combi Rifle x 1

Silverstar Rover with MULTI Rifle x 1

Silverstar Rover with HMG x 1

Hellblazer with Submachine Gun x 1

Hellblazer with Light Shotgun x 1

Silverstar Prime with HMG x 1


The Torchlight Brigade was a dormant project fed with reserved funds. Its members were secretly recruited among the best troops of Bureau Aegis and Bureau Noir, and they pledged to answer the call whenever a new planet, a potential new home for humankind was in danger, whenever a law enforcement and security force was needed to operate in the remotest settlements in the middle of uncharted territory. Scattered throughout the Sphere, its dormant agents waited until the time came to carry the torch that would bring light to those distant colonies, out there where chaos reigns supreme and injustice lurks in the shadows.


The perfect box to start playing and collecting your Torchlight Brigade force!

O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack

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