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This deluxe miniatures bundle has all the miniatures necessary for one player to build and field a full sized Freelance Mechanized Assault Force for use in ignition:core. Additional items are required for gameplay to include dice (D10s and D8s), a game mat and printable material. A full list of required items is available in the downloadable game instructions (downloadable from the homepage).


The following is included in this bundle:


1x Paladin: Warlord Class Mech with Aegis Shields and 75mm base

2x Sentinel: Support Class Mechs with Gladius Burst Rifles and 50mm bases

1x Talos Dropships with 75mm base

1x Pilot with 25mm base

3x Infantry models with Crusader Miniguns and 25mm bases

Paladin Armored Fireteam set. 45%引きバンドル

¥14,200 通常価格


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