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Armies: PanOceania / Military Orders / Varuna Immediate Reaction Division / Svalarheima’s Winter Force / Shock Army of Acontecimento / Neoterran Capitaline Army


Squalo Mk-II with Spitfire x 1


Heavy Lancers regiments are hyper-sophisticated units, the epitome of PanOceania’s technological superiority. As they are used to working as a team and supporting each other in perfect synchronicity, these troops have proven to be both formidable and terrifying in combat. All Squalos bear an inscription with the motto of the armored corps: Ultima Ratio PanOceaniae, “The final argument of PanOceania,” for the Armored Cavalry is PanOceania’s finest instrument of persuasion.


An amazing TAG to expand your PanOceania collection and your Reinforcements: PanOceania Pack Alpha.

Reinf.: Squalos Mk-II, PanOceanian Armored Cavalry

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