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Armies: ALEPH / OperationS / Steel Phalanx


Riksha Tacbot with Boarding Shotgun x 1

Riksha Tacbot with Red Fury x 1

Dawon Tacbot with Chain Rifle x 1

Dawon Tacbot with Pulzar x 1

Artalis Engineer with MULTI Rifle x 1

Satrah Hacker x 1


Program Ank consisted in stationing smaller rapid reaction groups in areas of interest or conflict, equidistant from several hot spots, so that they could respond as quickly as possible to any situation. These teams’ role was to be mainly tactical, and their purpose was to provide direct support to units engaged in armed conflict, in order to help complete the mission or provide a way out..


The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your ALEPH forces when things go wrong.

Reinforcements: ALEPH Pack Alpha

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