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Armies:  O-12 / Starmada / Torchlight Brigade


Jackboot with Spitfire x 1

Jackboot Engineer with Submachine gun x 1

Jackboot Forward Observer with Combi Rifle x 1

Vidocq Doctor with Boarding Shotgun x 1

Vidocq with MULTI Marksman Rifle x 1

Ment with Light Shotgun


The Gladius Teams are the rapid deployment investigative and tactical intervention task forces of O-12, named after the ancient Roman sword. This is a hybrid unit composed of agents from different teams of Section Spatha who have been chosen for their special operational profile to fulfill various critical functions in rapid deployment.


The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your O-12 forces (REF: 282005-0826) when things go wrong.

Reinforcements: O-12 Pack Alpha

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