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As one of the greatest strategists in the Human Sphere, Sun Tze knows that a primary quality of a good leader is to be able to manage his tactical positioning. The officer in charge has to be at a distance that provides a clear vision of the battle, complementing the information he gets through tactical and strategic channels. The optimal distance is that which provides such a view but does not put the officer at unnecessary risk. However, it must allow him to remain close to his men and participate in combat, both vital elements in keeping up the morale and confidence of his troops. The ?Marksman Leader? equipment has been specifically designed to take advantage of the excellent tactical qualities of Sun Tze?s advanced Lhost. This equipment provides him with the ability to shoot his enemies at a very long distance. As Marksman Leader, Sun Tze can stand in a commanding position from which he supports his troops by clearing a safe path free of threats with the serenity and methodical precision characteristic of this legendary strategist.onment. This Recreation, called Sun Tze, is a born strategist with extraordinary foresight. His acute military talent shines through his every decision. With his sharp, computerized mind he can envision and project hundreds of plans and contingencies in an instant, making him a vital element of any operation he takes part in. An accomplished, perspicacious military leader, he radiates command and everyone else falls into line. Physically, Sun Tze is tall, and his cold eyes are embedded in a stony face, pallid and detached as death itself. He has a solid temperament: the calmness and mocking arrogance of a veteran officer, compounded by the composure and confidence of one who knows many secrets. He always speaks softly, deliberately, with small expressive gestures. He conducts himself haughtily, and the tunic he wears over his armor gives him the grave manner of a priest, but his actions reveal the vigor of a general. He is often harsh in his dealings with others, but he broaches every subject with such intelligence, assertiveness and tact, that it seems only natural he would be successful in all his endeavors.


Sun Tze proved his worth during the NeoColonial Wars and the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts. He was responsible for the Li?q? Action and the successful D?ji? Operation that halted and trapped the vanguard of the PanOceanian forces on Paradiso. These military operations served to cement his prestige within the StateEmpire Army.


Both the soldiery and the officers consider Sun Tze a bold man, capable of putting into practice what others dare not even think. His popularity could be perceived as a threat by the chiefs, but Sun Tze has never given them a reason to suspect nonconformism or rebelliousness. On the contrary, he is considered an example of loyalty to the Yu Jing StateEmpire.


Blister contains:

  • 1x Sun Tze (Boarding Shotgun)
  • This product is not a toy.  Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger.
  • Miniatures included in our products are provided unpainted. Assembly may also be required. Actual components may vary from those shown.

Sun Tze (Boarding Shotgun)

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