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A triumph of decentralized engineering, the Razorbat is the primary light battle tank of the Marcher Worlds. Its powerful anti-gravity generator is strong enough for the craft to achieve near-flight for short periods of time, and every pilot learns early how to “hit the jump.” The vehicle is propelled by a heavy plasma propulsion engine that is fuel efficient in the extreme, a requirement for Marcher machines defending distant outposts that may go months or years without resupply. The Razorbat is operated by a crew of two: a pilot and a gunner. The pilot operates the vehicle from the front and has control over the Razorbat’s front mounted, semi-autonomous Cyclone Cannon. The gunner sits in the top-mounted turret and mans the Razorbat’s primary weaponry.


Can be armed with one of three weapon options.
Can make one Maneuver each activation chosen from a Maneuver card tailored for the Razorbat.
Has Pathfinder.
Integral Cyclone Cannon ranged weapon has Strafe.
While charged, this model gains +3 DEF vs. attacks with ballistic weapons.
Can spike in to attack a second time with each of its weapons.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

    Warcaster: Razorbat – Marcher Worlds Light Vehicle

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