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The Sentinel is the Empyreans’ heavy support warjack. Aggressive, powerful, and nigh invulnerable while charged with Arc, the warjack is armed with some of the most advanced mechanika weapons ever developed. While they share a configuration with the lighter Daemon warjacks, the Sentinels have an additional hardpoint set in their chests, where their most disruptive weapons tend to be housed. The Sentinel is a terrifying monstrosity, able to withstand concentrated enemy fire that would devastate a lesser machine.


* Different cortex and weapon selections add modular utility to this warjack. The warjack has two arm, one back, and one chest hardpoint for weapons.
* While charged, this model cannot be moved by a slam or repositioned by an enemy attack.
* When this model is damaged, it can spike to reduce the damage it would suffer.

    Warcaster: Sentinel B – Empyrean Heavy Warjack

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