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Q: Who can attend?

A: Anyone can attend; just purchase a ticket on the events pages.

Q: Why do I need a ticket?

A: This is so we know how many are coming, for T-shirts. As well as whom to send the ITS to invite too so you can submit your lists.


Q: How can I pay for the ticket?

A: You can pay either through PayPal, Credit card or you can elect to pay in person on the day.


Q: What do I get for the ticket?

A: You get entry to the event, you will also receive an Impetuous Order T-shirt (WooooHoooooo!!!!), a bottle of water, a choice of badge.

General Questions

Q: I’m new and I have never been to a tournament before if that ok?

A: Yes! It is great that you want to come to give a tournament a try!if you need any help creating a list please reach out and I will help you out. You can also get help on the Infinity Japan Facebook group. We will try to give you a fair pairing for your first match.


Q: Why do I need to submit 2 lists?

A: Due to the mission being different you require different troops and load-outs. This is a requirement of ITS


Q: What is a courtesy list?

A: This is a list that contains only the open information (not who your lieutenant is, whom you camo marks and drop troops are) that you give to your opponent at the start of your game.


Q: I can only submit one list why is this?

A: It is likely they are not from the same sectorial or vanilla list, if you submit one List from Military Order, the other must also be from Military Orders


Q: What do I need to bring on the day?

A: You will need your miniatures, token set (including order, wounds and other markers you will need), tape measure, templates, silhouettes, classified deck, courtesy lists.


Q: What are the missions?

A: The missions are Looting and sabotage, Decapitation and Frontline.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You will need

  1. The miniatures/Army you will be using

  2. Your Tokens and templates

  3. Dice

  4. Classified deck (If you don’t have one yet we will have some on hand to be bought)

  5. A courtesy list (these are printed out from the Army App)

  6. 2 Paper copies of your list, one for the Tournament organiser (TO) and one for you

  7. A HVT model

Q: What preparation do I need to do before the event?

A: You will need to do the following:

  1. Create an account with Corvus Belli to get your ITS  Pin ( the ITS Pin is a letter followed by four number, for example, S7087.

  2. Subscribe to the Event here:

  3. Submit 2 army lists through the Army App

    1. Both list must belong to the same Sectorial of Vanilla faction (2 lists from YuJing or 2 lists from The Steel Phalanx)

    2. This must be done one week before the event (19th of  January)

Q: I want to drive is there parking?

A: Yes there is, but it is 200JPY for the first hour and then 100JPY after that. this being said, we are prepared to pay for parking for those who can provide terrain and help set up on the day.


Q: Where is the tournament?

A:Eastern Ward Hall 1-17-1, Higashimizue, Edogawa-ku, 132-0014 Room つつじ

集会室:つつじ 江戸川区東瑞江1-17-1

(都営新宿線 瑞江駅 徒歩5分)

Terrain Questions:


Q: What are the rules for woods/forest?

A: All trees/planter/wood and forest are considered to block line of sight for the size of this base in a cylinder up to their maximum height. However, once you enter the base/area of the forest you now become visible, however, you are counted as being in a low visibility zone (-3 mod) and in a saturation zone(-1 burst) in addition to the effect of difficult terrain (you move you second move distant only)


Q: How do doors work?

A: Doors work like “Star Trek” doors; they open and close automatically, and will remain open if you are in base contact with them. Doors maybe hack of engineered to lock on a basic WIP check.  If someone is in base contact but not completely obscuring the door you may shoot into the building but not through to the other side.


Q: How do hole boards/signs work?

A: the plastic section can not be seen in the interest of simplicity I decided to make windows and Holoboards work the same.

Windows and Holoboards.JPG
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