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Operation Wildfire is a go!


Operation Wildfire is a go!

With the news now batting about the internet about Operation Wildfire, the advanced pack and The Valkyrie Bodyguard we have added these to the store with a preorder tag. You can Order the Operation Wildfire set and advanced pack by individually but if yo u want both and select the complete Wildfire experience you will get the Valkyries for free.

Please note that this is as present the only way to get the Valkyrie.

What is Operation Wildfire?

It is the latest 2 player initiation set to be released featuring the Shalvastii and the brand new O-12.

It contain 14 miniatures, 7 for each side, some new card terrain, all the tokens and rules you need to get you into the game. If ordered during the pre-order period it also include a limited edition Miniature Hippolyta, who fits into either O-12, Steel Phalanx and can be played in Aristeia!

Check out the store for more details!





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