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We made it to September!

Time flies so fast…! We are here are the early stage of September with October’s pre-orders, discontinuations as well and general updates for the site.

Let us make a start with the discontinuations from the store for September: Knights of Santiago boxset, Orc Troops (HMG/Boarding Shotgun), Rasyat (Spitfire) and Season 10 Competition Pack ITS. Looking forward into October the PanOceania Military Orders 300 Pt. Pack will also no longer be available.

That is the sad part out of the way let's take a look at the pre-orders going up in the store shortly!


Tai Sheng, Zúyŏng Invincibles NCO (Breaker Rifle)

"I want to help forge Yu Jing's destiny. And I'm not afraid, because I know I'm not alone. My brothers in arms are with me, the invincible armoured troops. They are all like me, citizens who have decided to expose themselves to the greatest danger. All of us are protectors of our nation and makers of its destiny. We will stand firm, we will never surrender, and we will always prevail. This is the message we will take to the whole Sphere."

I love the look in this miniature and though I am not an Invincible Army player but I am tempted to get her for my vanilla set.

Nahab Aeromobile Team

"They do not call us "Nahab," marauders and predators, by accident; it's an earned name. We are dangerous because we are unforeseen because we appear when and where we are least expected."

Adding more mobility to Rahmah Taskforce with their airborne infiltration, good close combat skill and assault skill make them a great midfield unit.

Shasvastii Cadmus (Hacker)

"The Cadmus are the pinnacle of malleability, able to scan any enemy trooper nearby and copy their capabilities, a frighteningly fast and effective way to create elite troops."

This guy is a little scary in terms of the miniature itself and I can see a number of versatile profile that can fit most situations.

Soldiers Of Fortune

"The most badass group you are going to find. Señor Massacre, a mercenary who shoots and cuts up people with his katanas while he knocks them out with his irrepressible prattle. Valkyrie, an unstoppable Nordic goddess who slices people open from top to bottom with her enormous axe. Laxmee, a master combat hacker descended from the Maasai warrior tribes, African ferocity in its purest form. And leading them all, Hannibal, the man with the plan, the strategist who always finds a way no matter how complicated the situation may be. "

I'm not sure I have much more to add here, but if you ever want to try out Foreign Company these guys are a must!


8-Ball, Greenskin Oni

"New release! This version of the most difficult Character to master from the Core Box is the choice resulting from an internal vote among all Corvus Belli staff. Alberto Abal's design maintains the character's distinctive elements, such as an antler weapon, the tattoo of an octopus turned pet, and the famous black ball with the number 8."

I love this version of 8-Ball so much more than the original, I am thinking of picking this guy up simply for a painting project.

Saif Traders Coliseum

"New official design of the HexaDome in a neoprene format - much easier for transportation!

The Saif Traders Coliseum is the HexaDome where the battles of Aristeia! are held in the city of Saif, caliphate of Al-Medinat (one of the regions of the planet Bourak). Al-Medinat is home to Haqqislam's powerful medical, biotechnology, and pharmacological industry - so it is common for this HexaDome to be the setting where biosanitary corporations present their champions and set up new medical or military personnel. The most recent case is that of Aleasara Laboratories and the stars Bachmann and Hammerhead."

Aristeia Advanced Tactics Decks (EN/ES/DE/FR)

"This blister contains two new General-type decks, both with numbered tactics from #009 to #018, in the indicated language.

Starting with Season 3 of the AGL, players will be able to form their Tactics Decks in each round of a tournament by replacing the basic box General Tactics with TComm Deck Tactics or Sterling Forge Deck Tactics."


Just a few things here. Firstly, we have added an Events section to the site so you can sign up to the events we attend and host in Tokyo and Chiba. This will make it easier for us to estimate and book table space!

Next, we are running an event a Miniature Forest in Kashiwa for the upcoming global campaign Asteroid Blues which launches on the 16th of September. We will be at Miniature Forest on the 22nd of September and I hope you can come and join us!

Lastly, we will be hosting our first ITS (Infinity Tournament System) this coming January, near Shin Koiwa, more details are to follow shortly so please keep an eye out for more information!





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