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Community Spotlight: Josh of Section 9 Studio

I want to share with you about a great painter, Josh of Section 9 Studio, originally from Australia, now living in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture. Josh has been painting for over 20 years and he first got into the hobby through the famous board game Hero Quest, ever since he has had a passion for both painting and tabletop gaming, he can sometimes be found in Miniature Forest playing Infinity the game or Warhammer Fantasy Battle 5th Edition.

Josh doesn’t just paint as a hobby but also as a job, he began his professional painting career in 1996 working in Nottingham, UK at a company you may be familiar with Games Workshop, where he worked on the Lizardmen Saurus Warrior found in the 5th

Edition rules book as well as many other projects with the company.

Josh now paints up commissions upon request as well and running a YouTube channel which can be found here where he does painting tutorial videos. He painted the Tohaa Army I was lucky enough to win at the 2018 Infinity Tournament here in Tokyo, as well as the Neoterran Capitaline Army which can now be found in our store.

Please follow him on YouTube and Twitter and if you are looking to commission anything for your tabletop games reach out to him for a quote on Twitter (You can tell him we sent you)!


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