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Gen Con News Part 1: Over a week late, but still better than never….. Right?

It did fall during my vacation for can I get a pass on this? Great!

So Gen Con took place on August 1st through to the 4th in Indianapolis. USA, for the uninformed Gen Con is one of, if not the largest tabletop events of the year, and we can usually expect Corvus Belli to drop some big news in relation to their products and this year was not different.

Let’s cover Infinity the Game in this blog post.

This year sees a massive amount of news dropping, firstly anyone attending was able to pick up Operation Wildfire, the Advanced Pack and the Valkyrie there at the event (lucky them!) We also got hit by a bunch of new releases:

Carmen Jones and Batard

Echo Bravo (Light Rocket Launcher)

Puppetatica Company

Mówáng Troops (MULTI Rifle/ Red Fury)

Hulang Shocktrooper

Tai Sheng, Zúyŏng Invincibles NCO (Breaker Rifle)

Nahab Aeromobile Team

Soldiers Of Fortune (Senior Massacre, Hannibal, Valkyrie and Lazmee)

Not all of these are coming out in September, some will hit the stores in October, but we will keep you updated.

And…in September a new online worldwide campaign will begin, Asteroid Blues! Set on the Novvy Bangkok asteroid with in the Human Edge, mankind’s current frontier. We will be hosting at least one event where we hope you will all join us to get some battles in; we will expand on this later on this week!

Last of course at the end of the video *link* we got the flash card that we should be expecting Infinity N4 in the summer of 2020, but no more information than that.

Check back this week for update on Aristeia! And also for Infinity Defiance.





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