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Gen Con News Part 2: Back again playing catch up!

Welcome back! Let’s now catch up on Aristeia! by Corvus Belli.

While not a game we currently have in stock, it is a board game I have a lot of hype about; I just need to get myself in gear for it!

Let’s kick off with Reckless Hearts which was released at Gen Con, this is the third and final release this year for Aristeia! With the next expansion Double Trouble hitting in in 2020!

Next up we have a new skin for 8-Ball, a character from the core box. This skin continues with the more fantastical theme which we have seen with the previous skins, 8-Ball is now transformed in to wonderfully terrifying Oni. The skin looks awesome and like the previous new skins will be in metal not plastic, like the miniatures from the core box! Personally I feel this is a massive improvement on his previous skin which lacked the wow factor the other had.

As this gaming season draws to close, we of course need something for the next season of Aristeia! The AGL Season 3 Event kit which will be focusing on Wild Bill, with an awesome new mat, miniature and a bunch of other great prizes helps you run your events.

Finally, a little later this year will see the release of the Advanced Tactics Deck; this set of 20 cards that can be used to replace the core box deck of cards to give you more control of the game as well as new challenges.

All of this is coming out towards the end of the year or early in 2020, stay tuned for more Aristeia! News to come.





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