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We are live!


So we are live now and accepting orders, we are planning on submitting our order to CB on August 3. Anything after then will go out on the next order, which will be determined shortly.

The plan

You may have notice that the catalogue is still being built right now, we will be adding more items throughout the coming weeks, focusing on starter sets, initiation sets, army packs and 300 point army packs. This will be followed by support packs and remotes, and then we will move into the rest of the catalogue.

You can of course reach out to us and let us know of items you want and we can add these to the site as priority! so you can order them in! Shop All

We are planning on translating the English FAQ to Japanese in the coming weeks and rolling out more support content in both English and Japanese.

If you have any questions or feedback on how we can improve the site please let us know at





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